July 21, 2024
Canvas of Achievement: Stories of Ten Dynamic Women Redefining Excellence

Canvas of Achievement: Stories of Ten Dynamic Women Redefining Excellence

New Delhi (India), December 27: Delve into a narrative woven by the discerning pens of the Mumbai-based Grisu Media Arts & Gora Foundation’s research team, as we unveil a tapestry of ten luminaries who embody the essence of inspiration. Each profile, meticulously selected, encapsulates a chapter of excellence and impact within its narrative arc. From the empowering corridors of image consultancy to the soul-stirring realms of mental health advocacy, gastronomic sovereignty, and spiritual luminosity, these tales traverse diverse landscapes. Together, they form a symphony that echoes empowerment, resilience, and a collective pursuit of positive metamorphosis, painting a vivid canvas that captures the multifaceted brilliance of contemporary India.

1.”Empowering Elegance: Ishita Saluja, India’s Leading Image Consultant”

Renowned Image Consultant Ishita Saluja spearheads her eponymous consultancy, dedicated to empowering women through authentic self-expression via style. Beyond traditional fashion advice, the consultancy prioritizes building confidence and fostering positive self-images. Featured in prestigious publications like Grazia, Femina, and the Economic Times, Ishita Saluja Image Consultancy enjoys industry-wide trust and recognition. With a robust online presence, Ishita boasts 715k Instagram followers, showcasing her impactful leadership. As an internationally certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist, her influence extends globally, serving niche clients. On her inclusive YouTube channel with 159k followers, Ishita imparts invaluable styling insights, inspiring confidence and creating a supportive community. Regarded as India’s leading Image Consultant, Ishita Saluja is celebrated for her meaningful contributions to personal style and empowerment, leaving an indelible mark on the world of image consultancy.

2. “Mental Health Maven: Pika Dubey’s Visionary Impact with The Head Space Lab”

Pika Dubey, a prominent Counseling Psychologist and the visionary founder of The Head Space Lab, is resolute in her mission to revolutionize India’s mental health landscape. With a deep commitment to education and awareness, she serves as a catalyst for change, providing vital insights into the importance of mental health. Strategically collaborating with entities like chambers of commerce and NGOs, Pika extends her impact to small towns, bridging the awareness gap and facilitating mental health access in underserved communities. An alumna of esteemed institutions, including Webster-Athens, National Healthcare Academy, Yale, and Harvard, she exemplifies dedication to academic excellence. On her Instagram, theheadspacelab, Pika shares mental health insights freely, aiming to make reliable information accessible to all Indians. Her weekly free counseling calls reflect genuine compassion, ensuring support for those in need, regardless of financial constraints. Pika’s multifaceted approach, blending education, collaboration, and pro bono services, establishes The Head Space Lab as a beacon of hope, fostering nationwide awareness, understanding, and support for mental health. Every life matters.

3. “Empowering Minds: Ekta Dixit’s Journey to Mental Health Advocacy and Relationship Coaching”

Ekta Dixit is a mental health professional & Relationship Coach. She recently Cosmopolitan Mental Health Influencer of the Year’2022 and is proud to breakthrough stereotypes and stigmas revolving around mental health. Through her regular TEDx Talks she assists people create nuance experiences that allows them to have a fulfilled life & to live with purpose. She strongly believes in the power of self growth through right transformational strategies than just mere motivation. After a decade of working with human psychology, She has been creating Leadership, mindset, self development, youth empowerment content on Instagram to lead each one create a mindful lifestyle.  She has appeared in India’s Top Podcasts Like Ranveer Allahbadia aka Beer Biceps, Varun Duggirala, Dr YSR and many others. She often talks about self-mastery, self-discovery, human behaviour and relationships. Her simple goal is to create cognizance about the right partnership, understanding our emotions & be emotional independence, along personal development. So in this golden hour of rapid expansion, join hands with her to build the bridge between where you are right now to where you want to be. 

4. “Cooking Royalty: Parul Gupta, the Celebrity Chef and YouTube Sensation”

The Award-winning Cooking Channel Cook with Parul by Parul Gupta feeding the nation ‘real authentic’ Indian food with her less ingredient’s recipes. Parul Gupta well-known for her cooking talent, her YouTube charisma makes her most popular Cooking Channel in the India in 2023. Parul Gupta is an acclaimed celebrity chef and YouTube personality known for her immensely popular YouTube channel Cook with Parul and Cook an Instagram account @cookwithparul.  She soon gained a lot of love and recognition from all over the world mainly for her simple, easy recipes with ingredients that could be easily available at home. She enjoys a massive fan following with an impressive subscriber base of 13+ million, Parul has firmly established herself as a prominent figure in the world of cooking. Cook with Parul is a No 1 Trending Cooking YouTube Channel in India with Highest Views. She featured in Forbes’ renowned “India’s Top 100 Digital Stars’ ‘ list for 2022. Parul Gupta’s exceptional talent and dedication have earned the esteemed Creators United Global 2023 Drool-worthy Food Creator of the Year.

5. “Aishwarya Sharma Joins PUMA’s Global Sustainability Initiative: A Voice for Change”

Renowned sustainable fashion advocate Aishwarya Sharma has become a pivotal addition to PUMA’s Voices of a RE:GENERATION initiative, extending its impact beyond Europe and the US. Hailing from Delhi, India, Aishwarya is a catalyst for sustainable change in the fashion industry, known for her commitment to women’s rights, climate change advocacy, and impactful contributions at international events like COP27. As part of PUMA’s year-long project, Aishwarya collaborates with other influential Young Voices, aligning with PUMA’s sustainability goals. Her focus lies in raising awareness, and through this partnership, she gains unprecedented insights into how a global corporation navigates intricate sustainability challenges. Aishwarya’s unique role includes improving how PUMA communicates sustainability to its Indian audience, setting a precedent for the industry. Follow her impactful journey on Instagram: @figuramoda, as she becomes a potent force for positive change in global sustainability efforts.

6 “Spiritual Illumination: Priya The Optimist, Guiding Souls on a Holistic Journey”

Priya The Optimist, a spiritual luminary, energy coach, Vastu expert, and certified Tarot reader, radiates positivity and healing energy. With over 20 years of experience, she’s an “Angel on Earth” for over 90,000 people globally. Her expertise spans Vedic Astrology, Mokshapat, Tarot, Vastu, Feng Shui, Numerology, Reiki, and more. As an internationally acclaimed holistic healer, she launched the first Hindi Oracle Cards, ‘Divya Sandesh Cards,’ and conducts enlightening workshops through Moksha Mantra Institute. Priya’s accolades include a World Record, Indo International Achievers Award 2023, and recognition as the Most Trusted Spiritual Healer & Holistic Coach. Her noble work, recognized globally, spreads love, kindness, and spiritual wisdom, making her a beacon of light and inspiration.

7. Empowering Self-Love: TEDx Speaker Mallika Singhania’s Inspirational Journey

Mallika Singhania, a distinguished TEDx Kolkata speaker, graced the stage on October 1, 2023, delving into the theme of ‘Learning to Embrace.’ A fashionista with profound insights, she dismantled societal norms, sharing her struggle with body image. A graduate of UT Austin and Northwestern University, Mallika’s transformative journey emphasizes self-love over external validation. Despite societal pressures, she navigated the fashion industry, authoring eight shopping guides, hosting a podcast, and becoming an influential Instagram personality (@mallikasinghania). Her story transcends academia and business, revealing resilience and self-discovery. Through her diverse ventures, including co-founding indianhanger.com and hosting Style Stripper on Film Companion, Mallika embodies empowerment, inspiring others to embrace their true selves.

8. “Gems of Influence: Prernaa Makharjaa’s Journey in Art, Jewelry, and Beyond”

Prernaa Makhariaa, a dynamic individual with a profound passion for jewellery and luxury, has crafted a unique niche for herself in the realms of jeweller, gemstones and luxury industry. She’s India’s first jewellery blogger and a renowned personal jewellery shopper. Holding formal education in Jewelry Designing, Graduate Diamonds, Gemology, Pearl Grading, AJP, and Jewelry Manufacturing from renowned institutions like GIA, GII, and SNDT, she seamlessly blends her artistic flair with a keen eye for diamonds, gemstones. Prernaa shares her diverse experiences in the world of jewelry, watches, and art. Recognized as a Jewelry Influencer, she goes beyond conventional boundaries, exploring mines in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Magok and more. With a mantra that emphasizes personal style over trends, Prernaa continues to inspire and evolve as a prominent figure in the global jewelry scene.

9. “Empowering Health and Heights: Dr. Usha Kiran’s Remarkable Journey”

Dr. Talakere Usha Kiran, a UK-trained Gynaecologist and advanced laparoscopic surgeon in Dubai, transcends conventional medical practices. Committed to bridging healthcare gaps in remote Indian areas, she founded the NGO WomaNaari, conducting free gynaecological surgeries and training for doctors. Despite her demanding role in Dubai, she travels to underserved regions, empowering women through health initiatives. Driven by a passion for both medicine and mountain climbing, she defied age norms, conquering peaks like Kilimanjaro and Manaslu after turning 55. Beyond her medical prowess, she challenges societal expectations, participating in beauty pageants and promoting women’s health globally. Dr. Usha Kiran’s multifaceted journey encapsulates resilience, altruism, and a relentless pursuit of empowerment.

10. “The Literary Architect: Neha Raj and the Art of Author Branding”

Neha Raj is the founder of Booknerds Author Agency, a bespoke book marketing and author branding agency that helps authors market their books and create a sustainable author brand. She has been featured in the Top Book Marketers of India . She has a passion for books and authors. She believes every story deserves to be heard and that behind each book is an author with a dream. She leverages her love of books, her guerilla marketing skills, and her experience working with multiple acclaimed authors to help develop customized marketing strategies for her clients. She has helped over 250 authors spread the word about their books and build their readership. Outside of work, Neha loves to read (of course!), travel, work on her fitness and spend time with her family. She lives in the foothills of the Himalayas in Dehradun, India with her husband and daughters.

In the kaleidoscope of ten extraordinary stories curated by the insightful team at Grisu Media Arts, a collective crescendo unfolds—a symphony of empowerment and resilience. Each luminary, a vibrant stroke on the canvas of contemporary India, contributes to a vivid masterpiece. From image consultancy to mental health advocacy, gastronomic brilliance to spiritual enlightenment, these profiles intertwine, resonating with inspiration. United in purpose, these tales, meticulously selected by the research team at Mumbai-based Grisu Media Arts, conclude as a testament to the diverse, impactful, and transformative spirit that defines the modern tapestry of Indian achievement.

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