July 23, 2024
Delhi Shines Bright as Maahee Sood and Aarab Sharma Win Alee Club Miss & Mr. Teen India 2023

Delhi Shines Bright as Maahee Sood and Aarab Sharma Win Alee Club Miss & Mr. Teen India 2023

The 25th edition of India’s oldest teenage pageant attracted talented teenagers from all over the country.

New Delhi (India), August 23: Alee Club, the pioneer of beauty pageants for teenagers, marked a significant milestone with the grand celebration of the 25th edition of Alee Club Miss and Mr Teen India. The prestigious event, which took place in New Delhi on Saturday, has been instrumental in shaping the dreams of young individuals between the ages of 13 and 19. Its journey has also been featured in the Limca Book of National Records,

Alee Club Miss and Mr. Teen India revolutionized the idea of teenage beauty and talent pageants when it first introduced the groundbreaking idea in 1997. The visionary mind behind the unique platform, the oldest running teenage pageant, Show Director Sambita Bose, believed in the potential of every individual to excel in the entertainment industry beyond just conventional standards of beauty and looks.

The Alee Club Miss and Mr. Teen India 2023 event was a celebration of talent and awareness, centered around the theme of HIV/AIDS. It also featured an IQ and personality contest in the presence of eminent guests and personalities. A distinguished jury panel comprising Arbaaz Khan, Varun Badola, Shahbaaz Khan, Sambita Bose, Ayub Khan, and Stefy Patel, judged the contestants.

Maahee Sood from New Delhi was declared the Alee Club Miss Teen India 2023. Priyanshi Bhatia from Indore and Aditi Shekhar from Bangalore were declared as the 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up respectively.

Similarly, Aarab Sharma from New Delhi was declared the Alee Club Mr Teen India 2023. Suryaansh Prithvijit from Bangalore and Abhimanyu VP, also from Bangalore, were declared the 1st and 2nd runner-ups respectively.

Speaking on the occasion, Show Director and Ramp guru Sambita Bose, said, “Over the past 25 years, Alee Club Miss and Mr Teen India has not only been a platform to identify young talent but also a catalyst for change. Our aim has been to provide a stage where teenagers can showcase their personality, intellect, and talent, and get a kickstart in the world of entertainment and glamour. We are thrilled with the response Alee Club Miss and Mr. Teen India continues to get even after more than a quarter of a century.”

The pageant has played a vital role in nurturing young talent into the world of glitz and glamour. With its carefully crafted concept and under the guidance of Ms. Bose, Alee Club Miss, and Mr. Teen India has catapulted numerous individuals into various regional and national film industries, including Bollywood, Tollywood, Bangla, and Punjabi.

“It is a privilege for me to be a part of this wonderful event that continues to set new benchmarks in the entertainment industry. Alee Club Miss and Mr. Teen India have been the nurturing ground for many leading names in our film and TV industry. I appreciate the show’s creators for their vision and foresight and for creating his wonderful platform,” said cine star Arbaaz Khan.

Ramp guru Ms. Bose’s extensive professional training and guidance have enabled participants to make a mark in the highly competitive fields of acting and modeling. The achievements of Alee Club’s star performers have reverberated throughout the industry, with appearances on major television channels such as Colors, Sony, Star TV, MTV, and more. Notably, they have also graced renowned fashion weeks such as Lakme Fashion Week, Amazon Fashion Week, and Blenders Pride Magical Moments, among other leading fashion shows.

Mr Teen India 2015 and veteran actor, Rohit Raghav, and Alee Club Miss Teen India 2nd runner-up and MTV supermodel Swapna Priaydarshini hosted the enchanting evening. Dia Singh, actor and Alee Club Miss Teen India 2019, and Shreejita Chakroborty, Alee Club Miss Teen India 1st runner up 2021 and now a noted actor in the Bengali TV industry, also did the honors.

A host of noted dignitaries, celebrities, advocates, and law enforcement officials, among others, graced the occasion and made it a hugely entertaining and successful one.