July 21, 2024
JOGANI FIBER GLASS MESH receives huge appreciation and interest by African Industrialists and Government Purchase Agencies

JOGANI FIBER GLASS MESH receives huge appreciation and interest by African Industrialists and Government Purchase Agencies

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 28: In a significant stride towards international collaboration, JOGANI Reinforcement has recently interacted with African industry stalwarts, government ministers, ambassadors, and business leaders. The focus of this partnership is to bring JOGANI Reinforcement products, particularly the acclaimed JOGANI Basalt Fiber and JOGANI Fiber Glass Mesh, JOGANI Waterproofing Mesh to Africa. The products have been appreciated in Africa due to their economy, durability, tensile strength, water resistance.

Key Features of JOGANI Fiber Glass Mesh and JOGANI Waterproofing Mesh 

Jogani Plaster Mesh is very useful for RCC- Masonary Joints and Concealed area to control cracks and increase quality, durability of buildings. Waterproofing mesh is very popular among waterproofing contractors and engineers. All Jogani products helps for maintenance free construction by reducing maintenance cost. JOGANI R&D team are dedicatedly working hard to develop products and technologies that will ensure sustainable development and eco-sensitive practices within the industry. Jogani plaster mesh and Jogani waterproofing mesh are designed to protect against Cracks and water seepage and moisture-related damages. Jogani fibre glass meshes not only prevents cracks and ensure the structural integrity of buildings but also will lead to a reduced carbon footprint and curtail industry waste. The result thus aligns with the principles of sustainable development.

The role of such groundbreaking innovations in High tensile strength fibre glass mesh is proving to promote crack-free structures and enable sustainable growth. It has gained significant recognition for its durability and crack control properties in construction & infra projects worldwide. This revolutionary Jogani plaster mesh is flexible and compatible with all construction materials and admixtures. Most top-level construction companies worldwide, use such plaster & waterproofing meshes in their construction projects.

 In the last decade, there have been many Indian reinforcement companies like Jogani Group that have made significant strides in the construction industry with their innovative products and technologies, putting it on par with global players. They are excellent competitors in the global market because of their quality, sustainability, and cost-effective solutions. Jogani Reinforcement’s Fiber Glass Mesh has garnered attention and appreciation from various quarters, including the Government of India MSME Minister Shri Narayan Rane. The innovative Crack Control Technology embedded in JOGANI Reinforcement products has been recognized for its contribution to the construction industry. Shri Narayan Rane- MSME Minister, Government of India has encouraged the JOGANI team to contribute to the Indian economy through continuous innovations in this field.

Expansion into African Markets:

Jogani Reinforcement’s crack control Fiber Glass Mesh has gained recognition not only in India but also on the international stage. Due to their durability, tensile strength, water resistance, etc., the demand for reinforcement products has been growing in construction joints, structural repair, crack control, and durability improvement. This is in line with the rising trends of affordable and energy-efficient housing and urbanization across the world including Africa.

The expansion of JOGANI Group’s footprint to African countries has been met with enthusiasm and support from various African government ministers, ambassadors, and business leaders. The collaboration for trade and cooperation indicates the mutual interest for both the parties. The potential impact of these products on infrastructure development in Africa, addressing needs related to durability, tensile strength, and water resistance, is significant.

Accomplishments and Recognitions:

Maheshkumar Jogani, the Director of JOGANI Reinforcement, has received numerous honors for his pioneering work in the industrial reinforcement field. Recognized for his outstanding contribution in the field of construction and Basalt concrete fibers, he was honored by India’s Road and Transportation Minister, Shree Nitin Gadkari. Additionally, he received the ‘Leaders of Change’ award from the annual Economic Times and Times of India Group, acknowledging his role in driving positive change in the industry.

Jogani Reinforcement’s crack control Basalt Fibers and Fiber Glass Mesh was also recognized for its innovative technologies at the World of Concrete Show 2023 in Mumbai. The product was showcased and appreciated at the event for its durability, tensile strength, and versatility in applications such as concrete, RCC-masonry joints, concealed areas, and waterproofing. These qualities of the product were highlighted at the event, positioning JOGANI Reinforcement as a leader in the reinforcement industry.


Mutual trade and cooperation between JOGANI Group and African governments and business leaders marks a significant step towards meeting the growing demand for high-quality reinforcement products in the construction industry of Africa. JOGANI Reinforcement’s Basalt Fibers, Fiber Glass Mesh, with its innovative technologies and diverse applications, is poised to contribute to the development and sustainability of infrastructure in Africa.

Advanced reinforcement products have transformed how construction joints and concealed areas are strengthened and set new benchmarks for long-term durability, eco-sensitive practices, and sustainability within the field. Jogani Reinforcement can be contacted on www.joganireinforcement.com

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