July 26, 2024
Ninth edition of TEDxSurat to take place at Sanjeev Kumar Auditorium on December 17

Ninth edition of TEDxSurat to take place at Sanjeev Kumar Auditorium on December 17

Surat (Gujarat) [India], December 7: The ninth edition of TEDx Surat will take place at the Sanjeev Kumar Auditorium on December 17. TEDx Surat has been regularly organizing events of various scales since its successful first edition in 2015.

The upcoming edition will be bigger in scale than the previous events and will witness a convergence of intellect, creativity, and inspiration as nearly 1,100 participants from various corners of India and worldwide come together.

This year’s TEDx Surat promises to be a spectacle of diverse ideas and perspectives featuring an impressive lineup of nine speakers, including dance performer and belly dancer Prachi Sopariwala from Surat, Wildlife photographer Saurabh Desai, Financial educator Priyanka Acharya, Dreamer and Educator Dr Nimit Oza, Lifelong learner Sarthak Ahuja, Spiritual speaker Bhavesh Bhimanathani, World citizen Patrick Parker, Earth ecologist Sneha Poddar, and Volcanologist Sonit Sisolekar, each bringing a unique narrative to the stage.

At the event, the audience will get a chance to engage in one-on-one discussions with the speakers and gain useful insights from their experiences. Since each of the speakers represents different segments and cultures, it will be a unique opportunity to be inspired and learn something new from them. The discussions will cover personal success stories, overcoming challenges, and how to move forward in life, offering a chance for the audience to better understand their passions. They will also be able to learn about the innovative solutions implemented by the successful speakers and their positive impact on society.

It is noteworthy that TEDx is a local and self-organised event, which brings together people to share TED Talks-like experiences. TEDx Surat is a regular feature where the best videos from TED Talks and live speakers inspire group discussion among the audience and promote engagement. Attending this international-level conference can be a highly beneficial experience for the people of Surat and surrounding areas.

The tickets for this highly anticipated program are available for sale at https://www.tedxsurat.com.