July 24, 2024
Tribute to Visionary Leaders, Turning Dreams into Reality on this National Startup Day

Tribute to Visionary Leaders, Turning Dreams into Reality on this National Startup Day

Tribute to Visionary Leaders, Turning Dreams into Reality

New Delhi (India), January 16: On this National Startup Day, we embark on a journey celebrating the spirit of innovation and the tenacity of visionary leaders who have transformed dreams into reality. It is a day to acknowledge and pay tribute to the indomitable entrepreneurs who, against all odds, dared to dream, create, and redefine the landscape of business. These trailblazing leaders have not only disrupted industries but have also become beacons of inspiration, guiding others on the path of innovation and success.

Shipra Dawar: Founder of IWill & ePsyClinic

Shipra Dawar, a pioneering and resilient entrepreneur, founded two startups and now spearheads a sustainability impact startup, addressing last-mile energy challenges. Shipra Dawar, an influential force in the Digital Health, Sustainability and AI domain, champions technology for societal benefit. Founder of IWill and ePsyClinic, leads India’s digital and AI health startups, which focuses on mental wellbeing and reproductive health. IWill, awarded by Commonwealth Digital Health Awards, partners with governments, supported by Microsoft AI4A and UNICEF. Shipra Dawar’s innovative Generative AI idea for reducing household electricity ranked Top 6 in global LiFe initiative. Developing AI systems for Non-Communicable Diseases aligns with G20’s digital transformation agenda, enhancing healthcare accessibility and efficiency globally. Shipra embodies the synergy of tech, entrepreneurship, and societal welfare, earning distinctions like BW Wellbeing 40 under 40 and Global Hi-Flyers 50.

Moutushi Roy: Founder of Svojas Fashions

Svojaas Fashions is a production house that deals in ladies and kids garments presently exporting to Spain and UK. Besides garments, they produce home decor like planters, cushion covers, quilts, Fabric bags, handmade jewelery made of Croatia and dried seeds. With an extensive experience of 20+ years as a Merchandiser, she launched her own business in 2018. Through dedication, grit, and perseverance, she kept her factory afloat despite hurdles. Empowering women in our community, they fosters creativity as a means of income. Offering opportunities to those restricted by circumstances, they nurture their artistic talents. Celebrating unique designs, they transform limitations into creative possibilities. Thus, instilling in them a sense of pride and building the confidence in themselves to earn their own living. Empowering women with authentic products, their commitment to international standards is reflected in every aspect.

Dushyant Yadav: CEO of ZUCOL Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

National Startup Day epitomizes the journey of transforming dreams into reality—a journey marked by resilience, innovation, and sheer determination. As an entrepreneur, this day holds profound significance, serving as both a reflection and inspiration. It’s a reminder of the countless hours, sleepless nights, and unwavering belief poured into bringing a vision to life. This day is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit that propels us forward, despite inevitable challenges. It’s recognition of the community we’ve built, the connections we’ve forged, and the collective impact of startups on the business landscape. This occasion is an honour to the courage it takes to embark on the entrepreneurial path and the fulfillment that comes from turning dreams into tangible, transformative realities.

Dr. Richa Raj:  CEO of Ritzy Technology

Hon Dr. Richa Raj, Ph.D., CEO of Ritzy Technology, stands at the vanguard of technological innovation, particularly in artificial intelligence and applied sciences. She pioneered AI solutions in healthcare, manufacturing, and education, driving transformative advancements. Under her leadership, Ritzy Technology pioneers augmented and virtual reality, redefining digital interaction and user experience. She pioneers blockchain tech, creating a versatile platform reshaping global creation, collaboration, and monetization for creators and innovators. Dr. Richa leads with foresight, leveraging tech trends for opportunities. Her patent-rich portfolio in intelligent machines, 3D tech, and AI demonstrates excellence. Dr. Richa oversees an incubator program that transforms emerging talents’ ideas into marketable products, reflecting her dedication to inclusive and accessible technology. Dr. Richa Raj, a visionary leader, seamlessly integrates technological advancements with practical applications, shaping a future where technology enhances every facet of life.

Sumil Khosla: Founder & CEO of DeriveQ Capitals

Sumil, as the Founder and CEO of DeriveQ Capitals, has brought his extensive IT experience and deep expertise in Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI to the fintech sector. His vision is to leverage AI to redefine quantitative analysis and algorithmic trading, aiming to establish DeriveQ as a leader in fintech innovation. Under his guidance, DeriveQ is making significant progress in the industry. Sumil’s leadership goes beyond technical prowess, as he fosters a culture of collaboration and continuous learning, making him a noteworthy figure in the evolving fintech landscape.

Aanchal Jaura: Co-Founder of Chicmomz

Aanchal Jaura, an entrepreneur, life coach and corporate trainer started chicmomz, a maternity lifestyle brand in the pandemic year to provide each mom-to-be what she needs – comfort, style and sustainable clothing at affordable prices. Aanchal challenges stereotypes, bootstraps business with 2 lakh, redefining moms’ fashion. They aim to inculcate new products, styles, and designs “that make their beautiful nine-month journey easier and better.” Kareena Kapoor Khan, a fashion icon, embraced this brand during her first pregnancy. Following suit, celebrities like Neha Dhupia, Anita Hassanandani, Kishwer Merchant, among others, have also adored and adorned it. have also adorned the label. The brand has been featured in Vogue, Zoom Entertainment, your story, shethepeople, etc. Aanchal, a dedicated brand caretaker, is also a passionate life coach and corporate trainer, empowering individuals and organizations to flourish in both personal and professional realms through her expertise in human skill development.

Vandana Tolani: Founder & CEO of Convanto

Vandana Tolani, a seasoned professional with over 25 years in Business Advisory & Fund Raising, founded Convanto, a leading boutique investment bank, upon returning to India after 15 years abroad. Over a decade at Convanto, she led 185 investments in 40 countries, aiding 5 VC funds’ fundraising. Recognized as Top 10 Women Leaders in Wealth Management 2021 and Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2021 and 2023, she’s committed to challenging stereotypes, fostering innovation, and promoting diversity in investment banking. Under her leadership, Convanto envisions transformative growth, global expansion, and positive societal impact through sustainability. Vandana transforms investment banking, empowering startups with a global network of 300+ investors. This National Startup Day, Convanto stands as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit, embodying the theme of transforming dreams into reality.

Paridhi Goel: Co-Founder of Love Earth

Love Earth is a beacon of purity in the realm of beauty, crafting a symphony of natural skincare and makeup products that celebrate the essence of the Earth. Embracing the ethos of clean beauty and sustainability, Love Earth meticulously selects botanical wonders, harnessing their inherent vitality to curate a range that transcends conventional beauty norms. The brand meticulously sources organic ingredients, ensuring that our formulations are free from harmful chemicals and cruelty. Love Earth crafts eco-conscious elegance with rejuvenating skincare and innovative makeup, featuring organic extracts and products that harmonize with skin’s rhythm. Advocating sustainability through cruelty-free practices, innovative packaging, and harmonious coexistence with nature. The Love Earth experience is where skincare becomes a ritual, and makeup is an ode to the planet’s innate beauty.

Nitya Chugh: Founder of Aaina: The Careers

Aaina: The Careers is a devoted social organization, empowering students through foundational education, fostering primary learning, and enhancing employability. “Aaina,” meaning “mirror” in Hindi, embodies our mission to guide individuals in realizing their true potential and achieving success in their careers. Empower through unique learning-travel experiences, blending education and joy to shape professional journeys, fostering growth, and creating opportunities. Dedicated professionals creating a better learning environment, impacting India positively. Aaina’s mission is to empowering all students, fostering employability, creating job opportunities, leaving no one behind. Our Vision envisions a robust ecosystem supporting education and career advancement, whether through support, free training, or financial aid, contributing to the nation’s growth and GDP. “Career ki pathshala, Aaina ke sath bana lala” – Crafting careers with Aaina, the school of success.

Jyoti Sudhir: Co-founder & CEO of InventIndia Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Invent India – India’s leading Global Product & Innovation Strategy firm is proud to play a crucial role in the growth story of India – the World’s 3rd largest StartUp Ecosystem. I would like to send out a hearty congratulations to all the startups which held tight and made it till 2024. This milestone year, we managed to feature in the Forbes 200 List of Best Indian StartUps with a Global potential. There are a total of 111 Unicorn Startups in India whose cumulative valuation comes up to $349.67 Billion. As the founder and CEO of Invent India, I believe that while India has been on the forefront of the SaaS & IT services giants with a lot of Investor and government support, it is imperative for the Hardware sector to get the same thrust.   It is time to shift our ways of working from Jugaad to systematic Invention and Innovation. Not just make in India but “Design and Invent in India” for India and the world is the key to building an invention-based economy!

As National Startup Day concludes, we honor the trailblazing entrepreneurs who’ve transformed aspirations into achievements. This tribute underscores the enduring impact of innovation and resilience. Looking forward, we anticipate a future where fresh startups will continue to emerge, shaping the world with bold visions. National Startup Day is a poignant reminder that, with passion and perseverance, anyone can contribute to positive change, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of innovation.

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